Quality Port Facility and Services to Keep You Moving

With a convenient proximity to key production facilities, leading energy and industrial companies, and top-tier port facilities and personnel, the Calhoun Port Authority is ready to support your transportation needs now and well into the future. Our world-class facility and experienced personnel are ready to serve your needs – safely and efficiently.

Liquid Cargo Terminal

The Port Authority operates three liquid cargo ship docks that provide substantial flexibility for loading and unloading chemical, petroleum-related and other liquid bulk products.

The primary facility is an 1,100-foot pier with two ship berths and multiple loading arms to accommodate the specific needs of individual commodity shippers. The pier deck height is 20 feet MLT. A third liquid cargo berth is located at the east end of the multi-use general cargo dock.

The liquid cargo ship terminal is equipped with generous pipe rack capabilities, remote control firefighting systems, continuous video monitoring, hazardous materials containment systems, and stormwater collection systems. The pier was built so that berths can be deepened when ship channel improvements are made in the future. Current operating depths for all port docks can be obtained by contacting the Port Operations Director.

Dry Bulk Dock

The port's Dry Bulk Dock went into full operation in 2011. This modern public deep draft dock is designed primarily for bulk materials unloading. It is capable of handling bulk carriers up to 750-feet in length. The cargo handling system includes a spiral conveyor unloading tower that travels on dock rails to access each cargo hold and feed a continuous conveyor system that extends to nearby industrial sites.

General Cargo Facilities

The Port Authority provides facilities for efficient handling of break bulk, containerized and heavy-lift cargoes. The General Cargo Dock can accommodate vessels of up to 750 feet in length. Dock height is 16.7 feet MLT. The terminal includes a 25,000 square foot dockside warehouse and transit shed. Rail service is available to the rear of the warehouse. The port also operates a nearby barge dock with outloading conveyor. Direct highway access to the general cargo facilities is excellent via US Highway 59, US Highway 87, Texas 35 and Texas 172.

Liquid Cargo Barge Terminal

The Port's Barge Terminal includes six slips which are available to multiple users on a cooperative basis. It is equipped with multiple loading and unloading arms and additional equipment can be added as required to accommodate the specific needs of shippers. There is generous pipe rack capacity both on the dock and in the landside support area. All barge berths have a 14-foot operating depth and a dock height of 12 feet MLT.

West of the barge docks the Port operates a public barge staging area with 900 ft of bulkhead. The area is used for barge mooring before and after cargo transfer operations.

Multi-Purpose Dock

The Multi-Purpose Dock provides port users the capability to handle project cargoes, heavy equipment, roll-on/roll-off and certain dry bulk shipments moving by ship or by barge. The ship berth can accommodate a variety of general purpose and specialized ocean-going vessels. The full length of the 711-foot bulkhead is fendered. A 60' by 380' concrete apron is surrounded by approximately three acres of open storage area for project staging or cargo consolidation.

Rail Service

The Calhoun Port Authority and adjacent industrial facilities are served by the Point Comfort and Northern Railway, a short line railroad which connects to the Union Pacific main line at a point 20 miles north of the Port's main harbor.

If you would like to contact the Calhoun Port Authority, or if you are interested in utilizing the world-class Calhoun Port Authority to accommodate your transportation needs, please contact us today.